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is no one going to talk about the gagged justin bieber cutout in the second to last photo

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Fictitious Dishes, Famous Meals From Literature by Dinah Fried


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Amazing Leaf Art

Spanish-born artist Lorenzo Duran creates intricately beautiful carvings of animals, landscapes and other amazing images by delicately carving leaves of different shapes and sizes. The idea of creating leaf art came to him when he witnessed a caterpillar eating a leaf. To prevent damaging the leaves while completing his pieces, Duran uses a surgical scalpel to shape the image and a dental pointed devise to remove the unwanted cut pieces. You can find more of his work on his website.

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West Coast | Coconut Records

We both go together if one falls down
I talk out loud like you’re still around

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(1) President Abraham Lincoln, who had depression
(2) Writer Virginia Woolf, who had bipolar disorder
(3) Artist Vincent Van Gogh, who had bipolar disorder
(4) Writer Sylvia Plath, who had depression
(5) Mathematician John Nash (from A Brilliant Mind), who had schizophrenia

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on Stephanie at Blut & Eisen .
Berlin .

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